Top Trends in Cloud Computing in 2012

Over the past few years, Cloud tools have earned soaring popularity due to their ease of access and improved security features. A lot of corporate houses and event organizers worldwide are now taking the help of Cloud-based tools for seamless management of the core areas of business. The Cloud technology is now more enterprise-oriented. In this article, we are going to share some major trends of Cloud-computing coming up this year.Public Cloud Computing as a UtilityWith the growing popularity of virtual business and meetings, Cloud-computing has now become more of a public utility. It involves packaging of computing resources, such as computation and services as a metered service. It is likely to help the organizers set up an event for a low or no start up cost. They can access all the amenities remotely by paying an amount as a fee.Growing Popularity of Managed CloudsThe growing demand of virtual events and meetings has made event organizers highly dependent on “Managed Clouds”, a high-availability architecture that provides top-notch built-in resiliency. IT managers and event organizers find it extremely useful, as it is featured with fail-over and an enterprise-level security options. Event organizers can access Cloud tools to manage the administrative functions of a program right from the comfort of the home. “Managed Cloud” allows you to enjoy all the benefits, without any additional requirement of hardware or software installation.Emphasis on Private CloudsIn 2012, there is expected to be an increased popularity of Private Clouds. Security and compliance are the two main factors, which encourage businesses to adopt the private cloud. It serves as the most cost-efficient solution for running multiple physical servers to the cloud.Reasons for the Increased Dependence on Cloud ComputingThe benefits offered by Cloud-computing have made it a one-stop solution for business and event organizers. However, the experts have pointed out the following as the major reasons of its popularity.Security and Compliance: Security concerns have encouraged businesses and event organizers to migrate to the cloud. Cloud tools are designed with extreme data and network security to eliminate the risk of data loss and mismanagement.Disaster Recovery: The concept of “virtualization” has eliminated the requirement of hardware devices. The virtual server, with an increased efficiency of disaster recovery, has made Cloud-based tools popular worldwide. Experts believe that Cloud solutions offer faster healing than the conventional methods of disaster recovery, and that too, at a lower cost.In recent years, there is a growing dependence on Cloud technology for cost savings, data backup, and data vault solutions, with improved performance and efficiency.

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