Why Internet Marketers Use Document Sharing Sites for SEO

Business owners and Internet marketers need to exhaust all their options to obtain organic search rankings using a combination of tools such as document sharing sites. Typically free platforms for sharing articles and web content, these file sharing sites deliver similar, and in some cases, even better results than traditional article distribution websites.Various document publication sites exist around the Internet usually to support cloud computing, outsourcing teams and virtual offices. Sharing is done by uploading documents in various formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, rich text and PDF. Users have the option to set their documents for public or private views. The real SEO power begins when files are set for public viewing because sharing options allow documents to go viral.SEO experts who have been using content sharing sites reveal how search engines quickly pick up new uploads and are now recommending the inclusion of these sites in every Internet marketer’s toolkit.What you needQuality content: Unlike traditional article distribution websites that require only original content for publication, content sharing portals don’t exercise editorial control so it’s possible for users to get fresh mileage out of helpful and relevant articles from their archives.PDF converter: PDF or portable document format is the ideal file type for saving and presenting your articles in sharing sites. This format is readable across various computer setups including mobile phone devices and tablets and preserves the integrity of documents including their clickable links.Sharing site accounts: Scribd and Box.net are just some of the few content sharing sites you can find on the Internet. A quick search online can reveal dozens of applications that are often free up to a specific storage limit. Internet marketing experts recommend trying more than one out at the same time and to compare SEO results.SEO techniques: Keyword research and placement, deep linking and other on-page SEO techniques remain essential in document sharing strategies. Include your targeted keywords in the document title and filename, and in three other locations on the body of your article. Link these phrases to various pages on your website to obtain indented listings. Maximize your document’s SEO power by adding website links at its footer.Document sharing sites are expected to hit the mainstream of SEO to meet the increasing demand for interesting and useful resources regularly shared in social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Learn how to use them for boosting site traffic and sales from Internet marketing specialists.

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